Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long time coming

Yes, its been a while between posts. Still in that time I've managed to produce three substantial finished objects!

All these FOs represent a substantial departure from the philosophy with which I started this blog. Back then it was all about the quick fix from a small object. But after knitting a bazillion (well it feels like a bazillion) socks, the turned heel no longer held any mystery. And now I've just finished two cardigans!

The first is Rosamund, made from Cascade 220. It was the first time I've used Cascade, and it softened pleasingly on blocking. I struggled with gauge on this project, and as a result the button placement is off. I need to sew a hook and eye onto the top of the collar to keep it sitting flat. But overall, this is nice and warm and allows easy access to the milk bar. More on that later.


The buttons are made of horn, and I especially like the way their slightly organic shape works with the cables.


The second cardigan is Manu. I was desperate to make this cardi, and it has lived up to my expectations. It is warm, stylish and the details are lovely! I'm so pleased that I'm waiting to make another. The yarn is Madtosh DK in Tart. It was lovely to work with and deserving of the hype surrounding it. While the pattern recommended using a yarn with a halo to disguise the short rows shaping the neckline, I think the fuzz-free dk coped well with the short rows.


I especially like the pleating around the neckline.


But the most important, and demanding FO at Casa Joy and Widower at the moment is B2! (I suppose he is more of a WIP, really. )

B2 arrived 11 March 2010. Mr Wriggly is taking his big brother role seriously and introducing him to all manner of dirt, earth moving equipment and dinosaurs.