Sunday, June 29, 2008

Return to first principles, and a competition!

Its been a long time since this blog has seen any sock action. Because I dont have the attention span for anything more complicated than some rib, and because its been a long time between socks for the Squeeze, I've been mindlessly ribbing and enjoying the simplicity of the sock. Just to make things even more colourful, I've been striping the Sour Apple with Noro sock yarn. This is in part because the Squeeze has huge feet, and also because the Noro is hand wash only, which wont be happening, so its an attempt to avoid wholesale felting. It certainly is bright.

To celebrate Lloyd's first month, and a return to sock knitting, I've decided to give a choice of a skein of Sundara sock yarn (colourways below) to the person who can guess which is the longest - Lloyd or the Squeeze's sock. Just include a guess at the length of each in a comment on this post. To give you all a hint, Lloyd was 56cm at his last measurement a week ago, and the sock includes a generous mid ankle cuff and a big foot.

The Sundara sock yarns are Candied Chrome...

... and Charcoal over Emerald. The winner will be posted on Tues 8 July. Am happy to post yarn overseas.

Master crafter

Check out the cot blanket Aunty Bonnie made for Lloyd. She does the most exquisite embroidery and beading. (Needless to say when she gave it to me it was beautfully folded and not the slightest bit creased.)

There was some debate as to whether the little critters are bunnies or koalas, but in the end we were all leaning towards to bunnies.

The strawberries are beaded and the details on the bunnies are picked out in very fine gold thread. Now, my personal challenge is to strike a balance between keeping it clean and using it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before and after

Its no exageration to say that Little L has turned our world upside down. 8:30pm is now a late night, while 1am seems like a dark version of midday. This can also be visually represented through my current wips. Behold:

Pre L: I was racing through the basketweaves section of the Hamani stole (Haidmaiden Sea Silk in Ebony).

Post L: Have cast on for a sock for the Squeeze (Sour Apple Sundara sock yarn). This has taken the best part of a week - however to be fair it has returned from the frog pond twice.

I also got a couple of treats that I'd ordered a couple of weeks ago. The arrival of the swift and ball winder has made casting on for new projects temptingly easy as it no longer involves winding things on by hand.

And I couldnt resist this tree broach by Elk. Jewellry is an excellent treat when almost none of your clothes fit!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wriggler has landed

Introducing Lloyd, who arrived at 2:33am on Monday 9 June 2008.

He is 3.7 kilos, or 8 pounds 4 in the old system, and is 52cm long. When he was being born it was a little like the cheesey old magician trick of pulling the endlessly knotted silk scarves out of a pocket. He just seemed to go on and on and on. How could a half metre long baby be inside me? Still, it does explain the indigestion.

We are now settling into being at home and having the world revolve around Lloyd, rather than Squeak, who seems to be taking it all in her stride.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FOs - despite the weather!

I wondered where Squeak was this morning. Usually she is in residence at the end of the bed, complaining loudly should anyone dare to disturb her. So, where's the supreme ruler of the household to be found when not on her royal bed? Yup - you guessed it.

Its another wet, rattly day here, so the swallows have had to do background duty for the Shetland Triangle. All the coverting of the pattern didnt go to waste, and yes Madge, there are other yarns than Sundara (although am thinking of her for a second one!).

As for the Wriggler, well 'B' day is tomorrow, 5 June. According to Mum we all arrived on time, which for a couple of my siblings is probably their only experience of punctuality. On my fourth loo visit at about 4am this morning I had a numerology moment and thought that the Squeeze was born on the 15 (1+5 = 6) and I'm on the 24 (2+4 = 6), so obviously the baby will be born on 6 June. Regardless, the Wriggler will have to come out soon as theres not really enough room for both of us in this body. Will keep you posted.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Caterpillar to butterfly

When my Mum saw my aunt's Orchid Lace scarf she remarked, rather enviously, that she'd like one too. I though one Orchid Lace grafting fiasco per year was more than enough. I'd been eyeing off the Shetland Triangle for some time, and while the idea of making a triangular lace scarf was a little daunting, this just flew off my needles!

I found some 4 ply sock yarn called Roses from The Knittery in the stash that was just a little too fine a gauge to my liking for socks, yet it was just right for this. When the Triangle came off the needles it reminded of a tiny manta ray, or those shrinked chip wrappers that were so popular in the mid 1980s. Small, perfectly formed, yet so wrong. (Yes - that is my belly poking in on the bottom edge of the photo. Oh, and some snagless stickmarkers that had just arrived from The Wool Shack sitting in the middle.)

Enter blocking! I really like how the slightly variegated colour shows up in the lace, however I should have either gone up a needle size or knitted a more relaxed gauge as blocking has included some bouts of wrestling and cussing.

Its been pouring here the last couple of days. Once the Triangle has dried, and theres a little more light, I'll post the FO.