Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FOs - despite the weather!

I wondered where Squeak was this morning. Usually she is in residence at the end of the bed, complaining loudly should anyone dare to disturb her. So, where's the supreme ruler of the household to be found when not on her royal bed? Yup - you guessed it.

Its another wet, rattly day here, so the swallows have had to do background duty for the Shetland Triangle. All the coverting of the pattern didnt go to waste, and yes Madge, there are other yarns than Sundara (although am thinking of her for a second one!).

As for the Wriggler, well 'B' day is tomorrow, 5 June. According to Mum we all arrived on time, which for a couple of my siblings is probably their only experience of punctuality. On my fourth loo visit at about 4am this morning I had a numerology moment and thought that the Squeeze was born on the 15 (1+5 = 6) and I'm on the 24 (2+4 = 6), so obviously the baby will be born on 6 June. Regardless, the Wriggler will have to come out soon as theres not really enough room for both of us in this body. Will keep you posted.


Rose Red said...

Every time I see you in bold in bloglines I'm expecting baby news!!

Love the pics with the birdies. Very appropriate.

Madge said...

Squeak has great taste. Beautiful shawl.

Happy birthing day!

Donna (Random Knits) said...

I'm checking in every day for news!