Friday, February 29, 2008

Delicious yarn for the weekend

Its Saturday! Hurrah! And its Mardi Gras! And I received two lots of yarn in the mail this week.

Here we have Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple in Atmosphere reclining on a pineapple cakes box.

An here we have two offerings from Sundara's Seasons yarn club. Its a fingering weight in 50% merino/50% silk in Blossum and Winter Sky.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gorgeous little things

I couldnt resist these gorgeous little baby shoes from Evie Lala. Arent they just beyond?

Behold - the Little Owl Shoes

and the Little Mollybird Shoes.

I'm sure Rose Red would agree its never to soon to start inculcating a love of fine footwear.

Thoughts of scarves

Prompted by that delicious hint of autumn crispness in the air, I've cast on two scarves. Sorry Evie my love, I feel like I am forsaking you. In my defence, even if I finish Evie quickly, I wont be able to wear her for months and months and months, plus, neither scarf is for me!

The first scarf on the needles is the Orchid Lace Scarf, for Aunty Norma for her 80th birthday. While Anne's scarf is a symphony of symmetry and precision, mine is looking a little mishapen and lumpy. I am hoping that it will emerge from blocking looking as elegant as the one on the pattern. As I've never blocked before, I'm a bit nervous about dunking my 100% Sundara limited edition and stretching it, but I'll seek advice from you all when the time comes.

Second on the needles is last year's scarf superstar - the Chevron Scarf. Every blogger seemed to be whipping one up out of Socks that Rock yarn. This was actually my introduction to the divine yarns produced by STR, and I order loads of different colour ways, cast on for myself a dozen times, but could never find a combination that did it for me. However a skein of Sundara sock yarn (courtesy her Seasons Yarn Club) in delphinium was lounging next to a skein of STR Stormy Weather, and between the two of the them they captured all the colours of a good friend's wardrobe. I was inspired to cast on again, and am rather pleased with my efforts this time.

Have any of you made a Chevron scarf? (Ask a silly question I'm thinking.) I've noticed that however much I fiddle with my tension, it tends to furrow as you can see in the photo. Is this another case where all will be solved by blocking, or do you think I need to adjust my tension again?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belongil break

Have just got back from a week at Belongil Beach, just next door to Byron Bay. We stayed in this fabulous beach house. Its been a very wet and cold summer in Sydney, and this translated into wet and warm on the far North Coast. So, lots of dvds, lots of progress on Eva and lots of swimming or as 20 month old Pela called it 'wimming'. Wimming in the rain, theres a song in there somewhere.

Byron was at the epicentre of the Australian Age of Aquarius, and while the hippies have moved into the hinterland, there is still lots of tie-dye, patchouli and crystal action. Swept away by holiday spirit, or possibly overcome by concentrated rose quartz vibrations, I had a photo taken of my aura. The aura reading found I was having an intensely creative, nurturing time and that my heart chakra was filled with love and joy. I bet my six month pregnant belly didnt hint at any of those things.....

Just to orient you, my arm is just visible on the lower edge of the left side of the photo. I had to rest my hands on metal pads to allow the camera to capture the colours of my aura. How do you think the colour spills were done?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So tiny! So delicate!

A very good friend's mother has knitted these gorgeous little morsels for the Wriggler! There is in fact five pairs of coloured booties, each in a different design, as well as two pairs of white booties, two beautiful white bonnets and a matinee jacket with matching lace ball and bell design.

Handling the tiny, tiny booties has made us both very excited, but a bit daunted by the prospect that there will be feet to fill them.

Luckily I was able to find the perfect card to thank Annie for her lovely gift!

One, two, three, awwwwwww.........