Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An actual FO and an almost FO

An actual FO! I forgot it in the excitment of my previous post! Here are the finished socks for the Squeeze. If you look carefully in the background you'll see evidence of the enormous amount of little visitors that we've had recently.

And here is my holiday knitting and reading. Barry Maitland has written a number of books*, and they are all excellent. The Redlight Special is coming along ok. The pattern is a breeze, but I'm not entirely happy with my slacker's decision to use Noro sock yarn instead of using acutal different coloured yarn in order to avoid weaving in lots of ends. If I made it again using Noro, I'd choose specific colour sections instead of just letting it come what may. I'll post it again when its an actual FO.

*If you like crime fiction. My favourite is Silvermeadow, where he manages to evoke all the terror of the forest in medieval times in a modern day shopping mall.

West coast charm offensive

Little Lloyd has been sweeping all before him in his west coast charm offensive.We've been in Perth for the last two weeks meeting and greeting Lloyd's extended family. During this time he has learnt to smile, gurgle, wriggle even more, kick like a mule and generally be adored by all who behold him. (No, despite there being crossover time between us leaving for Perth and the Pope being in town, there wasnt a guiding star in the sky.) Here is Lloyd in one of his visiting outfits. I especially like that he's coordinating his hair style, the baby mullet, with his shirt.

We stayed a couple of days in Fremantle, which was ace. The old part of Fremantle is fabulous. Its filled with old buildings

enigmatic shops

and archane institutions.

Not to mention the shopping! Got these skirts from Hustle.

And these boots from Bob's. They made me think of Rose Red, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I can do anything in these boots!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And the winner is.....

While I used a scientifically validated method to decide the winner (ie drew a name out of those who called it for Lloyd), I'd like to specially mention Charisse for her judge-inducing comments that Lloyd is adorable, and Lara for her words of wisdom that babies grow while screaming, while socks tend not to grow while babies scream

Anyhoo - heres the proof of who is longer, Lloyd or the sock:

And the winner is Lara! Email me Lara and let me know which skein you'd like. The runner up (drawn from everyone who commented) is Chris. Drop me an email Chris and I'll send you the remaining skein.

It was a close run thing there for a while - until Lloyd stretched out his long, long legs. Personally I would have bet on the sock, but now I know where all the energy gained from feeding every 2 - 3 hours is going. He reminds me a bit of Inspector Gadget with his 'go go Gadget legs'!

The socks are almost done - proving a number of things to me. Its still a joy to make socks, they should not be so entirely absent from my wips and theres time to squeeze knitting in around the edges of the round the clock feeding cycle. Now to find some knitting patterns for little boys. Anyone have any suggestions?