Wednesday, July 30, 2008

West coast charm offensive

Little Lloyd has been sweeping all before him in his west coast charm offensive.We've been in Perth for the last two weeks meeting and greeting Lloyd's extended family. During this time he has learnt to smile, gurgle, wriggle even more, kick like a mule and generally be adored by all who behold him. (No, despite there being crossover time between us leaving for Perth and the Pope being in town, there wasnt a guiding star in the sky.) Here is Lloyd in one of his visiting outfits. I especially like that he's coordinating his hair style, the baby mullet, with his shirt.

We stayed a couple of days in Fremantle, which was ace. The old part of Fremantle is fabulous. Its filled with old buildings

enigmatic shops

and archane institutions.

Not to mention the shopping! Got these skirts from Hustle.

And these boots from Bob's. They made me think of Rose Red, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I can do anything in these boots!


Rose Red said...

I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!! They are just too too perfect for words! And how good they must look with both of those skirts. Excellent purchasing decisions!

And Lloyd - so cool!!

Bells said...

I thought of RR when I saw the photo, too! At once. Gorgeous. As is Mr Lloyd!

That t-shirt - it's a corker.

Madge said...

Bitchin' tee and baby mullet Lloyd's sporting. As are your new red boots and skirts, you go go grrl, you.

And now? I have "Back in Black" lyrics in my head.