Monday, September 29, 2008

When bloggers meet, and a master of the art of cuteness

Recently I met with the Disco Knitter. This was my first ever meet up with a knit blogger. Imagine - lunch, adult conversation and knit talk!! Twas heaven! And Inigo provided a great role model for Lloyd by scarfing down beans and broccoli like they were chunks of chocolate. And Ms Disco Knitter has promised to introduce me to a whole new craft experience with a visit to Spotlight at Granville in the near future. Am saving up for the trip.

On the home front, things are well although Mr Wriggly has adopted a rigourous nightime schedule of waking or stirring every two hours. Its a killer, so its lucky he is looking extra cute at the moment. See exhibit one below. At the moment every night is an adventure. Its enough to make me knit fruit. And on that tantilising note, you'll have to wait for news of my next FO.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The biggest FO since 1988

Presenting the biggest FO since 1988! Yes, that was the last time I knitted a cardigan. Now twenty years later, I've managed to complete another. Knitters, I present to you Evie!

Evie was a most instructive garment. I overcame my fear of armholes, pockets and button holes. I learnt to keep a simple pattern. And after I'd sewn her up, I learnt that I should have measured myself before I started knitted! But on the positive front, it was nice to learn that Kim Hargreaves' sizing is generous despite her use of waif-like models. As you can see, Evie is about two sizes too big for me. Luckily though, she is just about the right size for my Mum.... I can sense a Christmas present coming on...

The garment was completed courtesty of: a road trip to Byron Bay (in total about 20 hours of knitting), a road trip to Canberra (about 6 hours of knitting), the final two seasons of Arrested Development, Season Three of Shameless, Season Four oF Entourage and Seasons Three and Four of The Wire. (Yes, I am a teev addict.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

By popular demand...

...and because I have no knit fodder, here is a photo of Mr Wriggly looking only slightly stunned.

And another of my two boys. Awwww.....

BTW 1 - subscribed to Thicket's email list last week and got a lovely package with some sample yarns in it. I hadnt seen Jo Sharp's Silk Georgette in Devon before. It is beautiful. I'm now on the hunt for a worthy project. Anyone have any suggestions?

BTW 2 - I had a live sighting of Sixandahalfstiches beautiful grey Lady February Sweater. I had recently faved it in Ravelry and was so excited to it in real life!