Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thoughts of scarves

Prompted by that delicious hint of autumn crispness in the air, I've cast on two scarves. Sorry Evie my love, I feel like I am forsaking you. In my defence, even if I finish Evie quickly, I wont be able to wear her for months and months and months, plus, neither scarf is for me!

The first scarf on the needles is the Orchid Lace Scarf, for Aunty Norma for her 80th birthday. While Anne's scarf is a symphony of symmetry and precision, mine is looking a little mishapen and lumpy. I am hoping that it will emerge from blocking looking as elegant as the one on the pattern. As I've never blocked before, I'm a bit nervous about dunking my 100% Sundara limited edition and stretching it, but I'll seek advice from you all when the time comes.

Second on the needles is last year's scarf superstar - the Chevron Scarf. Every blogger seemed to be whipping one up out of Socks that Rock yarn. This was actually my introduction to the divine yarns produced by STR, and I order loads of different colour ways, cast on for myself a dozen times, but could never find a combination that did it for me. However a skein of Sundara sock yarn (courtesy her Seasons Yarn Club) in delphinium was lounging next to a skein of STR Stormy Weather, and between the two of the them they captured all the colours of a good friend's wardrobe. I was inspired to cast on again, and am rather pleased with my efforts this time.

Have any of you made a Chevron scarf? (Ask a silly question I'm thinking.) I've noticed that however much I fiddle with my tension, it tends to furrow as you can see in the photo. Is this another case where all will be solved by blocking, or do you think I need to adjust my tension again?


Bells said...

I haven't made a Chevron scarf. I've struggled with the idea of them. Scarves are really dull so I look for patterns that won't drive me nuts with boredom. That said, I'm hearing chevron is a great TV watching pattern so maybe this year I'll give it a go. I think you've struck a lovely combination there.

The link for the first scarf doesn't work! It looks stunning, BTW. That's my kind of scarf.

Nellie said...

Hi Bells - have fixed the link. Thanks for the scarf support!

Rose Red said...

Love both of these. I haven't made chevron scarf either, but yours looks great to me!

Madge said...

Blocking lace - and the Chevron - is total magic! I've made the ubiquitous Chevron Scarf, and mine had the same furrowing (due to the large number of increases/decreases all being in the same place) as yours. It also had wonky holes by some of the decreases, too, and looked a crumpled mess when I was done. But don't worry! Block it, and block it HARD. Some people also recommend steaming/ironing (lay a towel on the scarf and then iron it), too, because the edges will curl.

I've blocked a few lace things, and if you have any questions, please email/Ravelry me.