Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belongil break

Have just got back from a week at Belongil Beach, just next door to Byron Bay. We stayed in this fabulous beach house. Its been a very wet and cold summer in Sydney, and this translated into wet and warm on the far North Coast. So, lots of dvds, lots of progress on Eva and lots of swimming or as 20 month old Pela called it 'wimming'. Wimming in the rain, theres a song in there somewhere.

Byron was at the epicentre of the Australian Age of Aquarius, and while the hippies have moved into the hinterland, there is still lots of tie-dye, patchouli and crystal action. Swept away by holiday spirit, or possibly overcome by concentrated rose quartz vibrations, I had a photo taken of my aura. The aura reading found I was having an intensely creative, nurturing time and that my heart chakra was filled with love and joy. I bet my six month pregnant belly didnt hint at any of those things.....

Just to orient you, my arm is just visible on the lower edge of the left side of the photo. I had to rest my hands on metal pads to allow the camera to capture the colours of my aura. How do you think the colour spills were done?


Rose Red said...

Ah, so cynical!!!

Love the yarn offerings!

Gorilla Bananas said...

A cold summer in Sydney?? The world's climate is totally f*cked.