Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before and after

Its no exageration to say that Little L has turned our world upside down. 8:30pm is now a late night, while 1am seems like a dark version of midday. This can also be visually represented through my current wips. Behold:

Pre L: I was racing through the basketweaves section of the Hamani stole (Haidmaiden Sea Silk in Ebony).

Post L: Have cast on for a sock for the Squeeze (Sour Apple Sundara sock yarn). This has taken the best part of a week - however to be fair it has returned from the frog pond twice.

I also got a couple of treats that I'd ordered a couple of weeks ago. The arrival of the swift and ball winder has made casting on for new projects temptingly easy as it no longer involves winding things on by hand.

And I couldnt resist this tree broach by Elk. Jewellry is an excellent treat when almost none of your clothes fit!


Bells said...

Your hanami is gorgeous! That's been on my must do list for a while - I think the lesson here is rush to get it done before there's ever a mini-bells in the house!

Aren't swifts and ball winders just the most useful things?

I love that broach!

Rose Red said...

Love the tree brooch - I really must wear more brooches, there are some totally fabulous ones out there.

Hanami also on my to do list...I'm thinking about a mini one in some mohair/silk yarn I bought...hmmm.

Madge said...

What a sweet post. L is your everything. And knitting will be there when the sleep deprivation wears off.

P.S. It's like we were separated at knitting birth or something: I'm casting on Hanami this Saturday, when my knitting group begins our Summer of Lace. Though (horrors) I'm strangely drawn to pastels this summer, and will be knitting mine out of the recommended pinker than pink Peppermint Alpaca Cloud. And now I'm babbling, so bye.