Monday, June 2, 2008

Caterpillar to butterfly

When my Mum saw my aunt's Orchid Lace scarf she remarked, rather enviously, that she'd like one too. I though one Orchid Lace grafting fiasco per year was more than enough. I'd been eyeing off the Shetland Triangle for some time, and while the idea of making a triangular lace scarf was a little daunting, this just flew off my needles!

I found some 4 ply sock yarn called Roses from The Knittery in the stash that was just a little too fine a gauge to my liking for socks, yet it was just right for this. When the Triangle came off the needles it reminded of a tiny manta ray, or those shrinked chip wrappers that were so popular in the mid 1980s. Small, perfectly formed, yet so wrong. (Yes - that is my belly poking in on the bottom edge of the photo. Oh, and some snagless stickmarkers that had just arrived from The Wool Shack sitting in the middle.)

Enter blocking! I really like how the slightly variegated colour shows up in the lace, however I should have either gone up a needle size or knitted a more relaxed gauge as blocking has included some bouts of wrestling and cussing.

Its been pouring here the last couple of days. Once the Triangle has dried, and theres a little more light, I'll post the FO.


Rose Red said...

Oh it does look lovely! Hasn't the rainy weather been annoying for the knitwear photos!

(oh, and hello belly!)

Bells said...

Beautiful! I'm so making that!

I half expected to come and find you'd had the baby. i was wondering this morning how soon after it happens that you'll be able to tell us the news!

Madge said...

Hello baby belly! Has the Wriggler come out yet?! Or are you still furiously knitting away as you wait?

Your eye for color is great. Love the rosy red you've used for your Shetland Triangle. (what? not Sundara? yeah, okay, I'm a smartass...a very covetous smartass)