Sunday, December 30, 2007

The reality of Southern Summer of Socks

For me, Southern Summer of Socks started with grandiose plans of knee socks. Theres something quite sexy about knee socks - the possibilities of lace, delicate ankle definition and the accentuation of that vulnerable area behind the knee. I collected a whole bunch of knee sock patterns, sourced the ideal yarns, and then got pregnant. Knee socks did not play a part in this, but morning sickness and fatigue meant that every time I looked down to read a pattern and then knit, I felt queasy.

Recently though I managed to turn out a pair of these for a friend.

Debbie Bliss Beaded Fair Isle Shoes from The Baby Knits Book. The mods are pretty obvious - no beading or Fair isle. They are made from medium weight Socks That Rock, In the Navy.

Inspired by the uber-quick knitting time, and first ultrasound pictures, I then whipped up this little number.

Debbie Bliss again, Hat with Topknot in some left over Jo Sharp DK from a lapsed felting experiment.

Finally - I've got my knitting mojo back!

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Bells said...

oh I love knee socks too and keep wondering when I'm gonna get my act into gear and make some.

Those little socks and the hat are adorable! Good job.