Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fight Club

Poor Squeak. In defending her title of Baddest Cat on the Street, she went into a neighbour's backyard and took on their Jack Russell terrier. While the dog is smaller than her, its heavier, isnt walked and is chock full of energy. You'd have thought she would have learnt from her initial bout with him in December, which lead to an expensive vet visit. This time she came away with less injuries, although she had a puncture on her fighting paw. So, what's girl to do when her arse has been kicked? Curl up in the Washing Basket of Healing.

Years ago, when taking her to the vet for similar fighting injuries, he told me that the gene for the ginger colour is located on the Y chromosome, and ginger females were genetically sexually ambiguous and very rare. The he said 'Is she neurotic and territorial?' It was like he knew her! This is a cat who like to sit by our front gate and look demure until a dog comes past and she swats it on the nose through the safety of the wrought iron fence!


Rose Red said...

Poor Squeak.

(but hee hee to the washing basket of healing! Was it clean washing? My cat only ever lies in the clean washing!)

Madge said...

Oh, no, Squeak! Feel better soon, brave scrapper!