Monday, December 8, 2008

More guerilla action

More guerilla action by guerilla stitch-up.


Rose Red said...


Anonymous said...

It's meeeeeeeeeee!
Glad you liked it. The urban reporteer from the SMH did an interview with me..should appear in the Herald some time this week. At least the councul will know who to send the fines to. Thanks for emailing me, and anytimne you wanna hold a remedial sock knitting class for those who can only knit for poles, I'd be happy to come.

Next target...leg warmers for the newtown square dog.

Jacky said...

That Grrl.... dont you just love her guerilla knitting (she is becoming quite a celebrity I think!).

My.... you are a "real" knitter. Loove the socks and those fingerless gloves.

Lara said...

I'm glad someone 'fessed up - I was going to accuse you! It is suspiciously close to home ;)