Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Cardies (with apologies to Mr Dickens)

As mentioned before, I've become obsessed with cardigans. One of the questions that has seemed to be occupying my mind has been 'how many grey cardigans do I need?'. The answer appears to be 'at least two'.

One is Coraline. This has been a truly lovely knitting experience. The pattern is well written and the instructions were clear enough to get me through several new techniques (such as i cord edging and smocking) without any ripping back. I used Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette in Pebble, which was a dream to knit.

I made the medium and the only mods I made were to add an inch to the body and arms. If I were to make this again, I'd add an extra inch again to the arms (so 2 extra inches in total) but that's because I quite like my wrists to be warm. As it is, the ends of the sleeves sit just above my wrists, which is fine. At the moment its impossible to tell if the body length is ok and where the hem sits in relation to my waist, as my waist has long since disappeared. I guess finding out how it really looks will be a winter surprise.

Despite wearing it several times, and receiving lots of compliments, I still havent quite finished it. Yup, its the buttons that are yet to be attached. So until I triumph against button inertia, I havent got a proper photo to post. This one will have to do in the mean time.


After cruising through Coraline, Rosamund has proved a bit more willful. Gauge issues and my inability to read simple cable instructions lead to a couple of false starts, but now we are nicely in the groove. I have made a bit of a mistake with the cabling around the first button hole, but I am choosing to think of that as a 'feature' rather than a 'mistake'. Heres an in progress shot.


Its been very hot here in Sydney, so celebrate weather where only the lightest clothes are desirable, I've been laying in stocks of worsted weight yarn. Maybe I'm subliminally inspired by the exceptionally cold weather in the northern hemisphere. I've certainly been inspired by Madelinetosh and her colourways, and in a very short period of time I've managed to get three sweater quantities of yarn in Venetian, Tart worsted weight and Tart in a fingering weight. It seems the grey cycle has broken!

Madtosh Worsted Tart

Lovely Tarty goodness! What will you be?

Madtosh Worsted Venetian

Beautiful Venetian, what gorgeous thing are you going to be?


diane_s said...

love all the reds. I am knitting Tosh Merino in composition book gray , so I am in a gray mood. I don't understand your button inertia , you live near my all time favorite button store . I drive from the mountains to get buttons near you , but I do like the ones you have in the photo.

Rose Red said...

I too suffer button inertia. I have buttons to sew onto various things, but have I done it? No I have not...
Perhaps we should have a button sewing on party!

I love love love both of your MadTosh colours. Swoon!

Nellie said...

Ah Diane - my button inertia doesnt apply to buying them! I love All Buttons Great and Small too. The ones for Coraline came from the button shop on Nurses Walk in The Rocks. Its dangerously close to the office.....

And Rose Red, I do like the idea of a button sewing party!

Not Drowning Mother said...

You sure know how to make a girl long to know how to knit!

Those photos are wool porn!