Sunday, February 28, 2010

A non-sweat FO

Finally, an FO I can blog about! Its been stinking here in Sydney, and being 9 months pregnant has meant that I currently spend most of my time sweating. We arent talking a little light lady glow here, we are talking the full athletic exertion style perspiration, except that something as un-athletic as turning the page of the newspaper causes it.

I've actually got two other finished objects, both cardigans, to blog about but I cant bring myself to put them on for photographs. Just typing that has inspired a fresh bout of sweating! They will have to wait till post birthday/the onset of more autumnal weather.

Instead I've finally finished B2's baby blanket! Its a Mirabilis in Eco Yarn's worsted weight organic cotton. The colour is called Serendipity.


I'm very pleased with this, not the least because now its done I feel like the baby can actually be born. Phew. Ten days to go (in theory anyway) today!


Rose Red said...

Oh it's fab! Love the colour - so much better than the pastelly green so often used for babies!

Good luck with surviving the next 10 days - hope the weather stays a bit cooler for you.

Lara said...

Absolutely gorgeous - a lucky baby indeed :)

Bells said...

it's just lovely. I'm surprised you didn't expire under it finishing it!