Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's in a name?

Rose Red has blogged about the name of my blog! Wow - blogosphere recognition!

The name of my blog is a play on the name of the 1970s sex manual 'The Joy of Sex'. Any one who is 30-mumble has probably seen a copy of this at some stage. I remember being about 8 and finding a well thumbed copy in a book case at my aunt's house. I was struck by the rather delicate line drawings and the fact that the people illustrated still had their underpants on. But the one thing from 'The Joy of Sex' that has stuck with me all these years is the drawing captioned 'The armpit - a classic site for a kiss'.

Anyway - there has been knitting progress to report this week. The spiral boot sock spirals on. From my optimistic beginnings of whipping this up in no time, I've been forced to concede that maybe its going to take me a little longer than anticipated. Still, I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and depending on the amount of yarn I have left, I might put a red toe on it.


Donna (Random Knits) said...

I remember finding my Dad's well worn copy, too. But the thing I remember most is that it was printed in the 70's, and it recommended that women not shave their armpits, or wear deodorant. It "disguised" their natural smell. As a teenager, I was totally appalled! :)

Random Knits

Nic said...

I found Joy of Sex on the bookshelf while house-minding ex Premier Carmen Lawrences house in the late 80s as a fumbling teenager.

Some things havent changed.

Armpit fancier

Rose Red said...

The Joy of Sex reference delighted me (does that sound weird?)

I also love a red toe on a sock. Now that really makes me sound like some sort of fetishest. I'm not really, honest!

Har said...

The sock looks great. The leg, however, is unfamilar. Has Australia's leading sock model exploring other opportunities?

Nellie said...

You are right Har - it is an awkward sock self-portrait. Australia's leading sock model had actual paid commitments (ie her day job)and wasnt available.