Monday, November 5, 2007

Satan's stitchmarker

Remember the troubled beginning of my Twinnings stole? Four times I cast on and four times I frogged. I'm the first to admit my counting skills have never been that great, but on my fifth attempt I noticed a pattern to my counting failure.

The pattern is six sets of a 16 stitch pattern. I'd put in a stitch marker at every repeat, and regularly at the fifth repeat, marked by a little green heart, I'd get either 15 stitches or 17 stitches no matter how careful I was. Hmmmm. On closer examination of the seemingly innocent green heart, I noticed that the ring on the marker wasnt completely closed. Yup, there was just enough room for a stitch or two to wiggle through as I worked the row.

I'm taking the view that those four previous attempts were good practice at the pattern, and now I'm making reasonable progress. Heres a shot of where things are at, with Satan's stitchmarker in situ towards the top left.

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