Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dabbling in the Dark Arts

Its true that I've lost some of my knitting mo-jo recently. While I still maintain that socks are a symphony of design and practicality, I've been finding that I've fallen for the siren song of the darks arts. Yes. Crochet.

I blame Kim Hargraves. More specifically I blame Flourish.

So you can imagine the excitement, not to mention the rush of creativeness and the challenge of new craft territory, when this package arrived yesterday.

Four balls of Kidsilk Haze in Pearl. 1000 shiny, shiny beads which are added in the final, flouncing layer of the scarf. How will I ever finish my Spiral Boot Socks for Southern Summer of Socks now??


Bells said...

ohhh...that's gonna look very pretty. You can just take little breaks can't you? I want to see those socks finished too!

Nic said...