Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've just participated in my first ever swap! It was a 100 gram challenge, coordinated by Bumpy. Yesterday I received a lovely package from CelesteM containing a Beechwood Cowl and all sorts of lovely goodies.

I made a pair of Transition Gloves for Sonia, who said she loved all things pink. The exact colour of the contrast caused much debate in our house as to whether it was pink or purple. In the end we settled for fuschia. I've been wanting to make these for ages. The construction of the thumb was particularly satisfying and I love the way the ribbing branches out so neatly.

However, (and Sonia if you are reading this, cover your eyes. But then again, you probably have already realised this), somehow things happened so that the pattern on each glove is completely unique. Yup - despite following the same chart for both, they are fraternal rather than identical gloves. And as with those things fraternal, it turned out that one glove is mysteriously about one centimetre longer than the other. I had hoped blocking would shrink one and stretch the other. Lets put it down to sleep deprivation and not look at the finished product too closely.

On the home front, Squeak has been suspiciously well behaved. Perhaps it has been the arrival of a crochet blanket from Big Sister (aka The Crochet Queen). Despite the warm weather, this has been the place Squeak has been completely unwilling to leave. Except to fight the neighbourhood dogs, of course, and her nemesis, Greg, the big orange cat from next door.


Rose Red said...

Nice swap prizes!! Mmmm dark Lindt chocolate. And those transition gloves are v. cool.

Chris said...

The transition gloves turned out great. I have really wanted to knit those for a long time and your post is inspiring me to break out the pattern.

OzKnitter said...

Just wanted to say, the gloves are absolutely gorgeous!

Sonia said...

The gloves are perfect in my eyes! Everyone I've shown them to just gasp at their magnificence!