Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just when I have some promising shots of the progress of my Bijou, for some reason the computer keeps rejecting the usb cord for my camera! Ok, so it was the bottom of the market when I bought it a number of years ago, but that's no reason for the brand spanking new ferrari computer, as the Knit Widower refers to it, to keep calling it a reject. I'm now going to try threats, imprecations and thumping on the top of the hard drive. If these fail, I'll switch the damn thing off and give it some time to have a good, hard think about playing nicely with other electronic devices.


Bells said...

Poo. That's no fun. We lost our camera cord on holiday last year and have since been using this nifty little device that means I take the card out of the camera and slot it into the reader device. Nice. I recommend it.

Rose Red said...

Stupid ferrari computer.