Friday, March 6, 2009

The amazing case of the vanishing Bijou

Here is my Bijou, coming along very nicely thank you very much.

Here is my Bijou with the three needle bind off completed for the shoulder seams.

Decency laws prevented me from putting up a snap of me trying it on. (OK and my vanity too).

Current state of my Bijou, ready for round two in the next size up.

(Just so you know, the top photo has the truest colour.)


Bells said...

Oh. Shame. But I admire your willingness to frog AND sign up for round two.

Nellie said...

Its such a lovely pattern Bells, and truth be told I've been eyeing up some lovely sparkly buttons so the thought of shiny things is keeping me going at the moment. And also a long car trip where I can get lots of stocking stitch done.

Rose Red said...

oh nos! I have done that once - completely finished a garment to find it toooooo big. Thank goodness it was a simple stocking stitch singlet top knit in the round. But still...