Friday, September 21, 2007

Down amongst the undead

It was grey and gloomy Spring morning, a constitutional law essay to write, my archaeology thesis to edit, the house to clean and the garden to garden, so what better moment could there be to spontaneously decide that we must go and join a Zombie Lurch! I must confess, I've never lurched before. But with the promise of make up provided, my Squeeze and I rummaged in the dress-up cupboard and found in no particular order, an old safari suit, and a djellabah and a kuffiyeh. I became a Steve Iwrin zombie and the Squeeze became variously Sheikh ya Zombie or a beardless version of Osama bin Zombie. We were also joined by Nicole Zombie-Kidman, who strenuously maintained that she wasnt really a zombie but was still recovering from a big night at the Golden Globes, and the famous Victorian era African explorer zombie, Stanley Kerbab.

And what better way to wind down after a morning of lurching and moaning and (fuitlessly) seeking bbbbraaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssssssssssssss?

Despite thorough showering, I can still smell the raspberry topping used as the base for the fake blood.

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