Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yarn modelling

What better thing to do on a lovely, sunny October long weekend than rummage through the stash and take some photos?

In the wooden bowl is a skein of medium weight Sunstone from Blue Moon Fiber Arts along with a silk and merino two ply in Lime Delight from The Knittery.

In the blue bowl we have merino 4 ply in Roses from The Knittery. I've had this yarn for a while, and love the subtle colour variation, but still havent found quite the right project for it.

And finally in the silver bowl, once again its the Sunstone with the beautiful 4 ply Roses. Any suggestions about what I could make with the Roses?


Melinda said...

Beautiful photos! I always find that my 'stash' looks more inviting if I take out individual balls and skeins and place them somewhere new! Even just looking at them through the lens, rather than just in the box, has a stimulating effect.

So...4 play Roses...some lacey socks? A wristband? A baby's cloche hat?

Rose Red said...

Mmm, Roses. I'm doing Pomatomus in the Knittery's Cherries colour and it looks great. Or what about Embossed Leaves - also looks great in reddish yarn.

Love your blog name, by the way!

Nellie said...

Thanks for the suggestions Melinda and Rose Red!