Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blocking the chevron scarf - a work in progress

As usual, I've wildly over-estimated my ability to knit quickly. I hoped to be blocking both the orchid lace scarf and the chevron scarf this weekend. The orchid scarf feels mere moments away from being ready for the block, but in reality I'm thinking it will need at least another week.

Anyhoo - its probably for the best that I do my first ever blocking on something more sturdy, like the chevron scarf. Following Madge, the KnitDevil's, instructions to 'block it and block it hard', I began with a good long soak while the Squeeze and I went to the National Maritime Museum. (They have an amazing photographic exhibition on at the moment of Sitakunda on the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, where old ships go to die. Well, to be completely deconstructed and recycled to be more precise.)

Then home again for stretching and pining. I used the dining room table and a towel, but on reflection next time I'll try and find a blocking board.

Its still drying today, but that hasnt stopped Squeak from making herself comfortable amongst it all. She was rolling all over it when I found her, betrayed by the tinkling of her 'fun-police' bell. But as soon as I whipped out the camera, she came over all demure and claimed to be only sitting on the towel. Ha!


Charisse said...

ooh that exhibition at the Maritime Museum sounds ace! and the Chevron Scarf looks great, love the colours. I've been wanting to make one for ages.

Madge said...

Hey, you're blocking! Great Chevron!

Rose Red said...

Love your chevron! I bought some of those big foam jigsaw pieces (they are a kid's toy) from a $2 shop, to use for blocking - cheap, can put them together in lots of shapes (square for jumper pieces, long for scarves etc) and can be stored away relatively easy.