Friday, March 28, 2008

Dayflower scarf

I seem to be working on a rush of scarves recently, or should that be a wrap of scarves? They are all gifts, although I've cast on the Lace Ribbon Scarf from the latest Knitty in Sundara's silky merino fingering in Winter Sky with no clear recipient in mind. Will post when decent progress has been made, but the colourway is intriguing. Under some lights it looks silver, in others grey and in others a pale, pale mauve. (So theres a partial answer to your question from a while ago Madge!)

The most recent scarf is the Dayflower scarf, which is a free pattern, and as Bells tells me, is available on Ravelry. (Will have to put my inability to find it down to the absent-mindedness which is biting deeper as the baby gets bigger. I even forgot my mobile phone number the other day!) I have had a ball of Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in American Beauty tucked away in the depths of the stash for about 12 months now. It was an impulse internet purchase after a torrid day at the office. I wanted to make a scarf with it, and wanted a lace pattern than wasnt too fussy.

Enter the Dayflower. The silk yarn gives beautiful stitch definition and I love the narrow, regular repeats of the pattern. It reminds me of an art deco edge design for some intensely patterned floral wall paper. And the intense, saturated colour of the yarn is glorious.

However it is the intense saturated colour of the yarn that is giving me some pause for thought at the moment. The tips of my bamboo needles turned a dark shade of tan, and my fingers were distinctly pink by the end of the last day of complusive Easter knitting. I want to soak it to block it (yes, the blocking love affair continues), but am worried that the colour might bleed and loose its glorious intensity. Have snipped off a strand from the small bit of left over that might make a tiny trim for something, and am currently soaking it to test if the dye really does bleed. Will update later.


Anonymous said...
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Bells said...

fabulous! Dayflower is definitely on Ravelry though!

Madge said...

Glorious color!

Reds are notoriously bad at bleeding, though. (that kinda cracks me up) You know how to set the dye, right? If not: A glug of vinegar in the bath water should do the trick. I know for wool you use hot water (!) to best effect; don't know about silk.