Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shrunken heads

When I was child I saw a shrunken head at a museum. I cant remember which museum, but I suspect it was the Australian Museum in Sydney. The head was about the size of an orange, with stitched up eyes and mouth, and the hair seemed shockingly long. I remember being particularly impressed with the idea that the shrinking was induced by stuffing the skinned head with hot sand.

The memories of the shrunken head sprang to mind when I finished the Red Light Special. I thought something looked a bit wrong, and when I tried it on I realised that unless my friend had a shrunken head, he wasnt going to be able to wear it. Infact the only person in the house who could reasonably model it was Eric the Easter Island Statue. And even he doesnt look too happy.

So, what to give my friend for his birthday?? Woolly Wormhead to the rescue! Ferreting around in my stash produced some lovely Morehouse Merino that once upon a time had been intended for children's mittens. (This was before global warming.) Some quick knitting during Lloyd's sleeps produced a nice, basic beanie which fits a normal adult head. Phew.


Madge said...

Yay for Woolly Wormhead saving the day. Too bad about all that work on RLS, though.

P.S. Shrunken heads always remind me of the movie Beetlejuice.

Rose Red said...

He does look a bit stoney faced about the small hat business (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Ahh, it will fit Lloyd, surely?