Thursday, August 28, 2008

A survey of ufos

I have a number of ufos on the needles at the moment. Here they are:

From left to right: Hanami in Ebony Handmaiden Sea Silk; Spiral Boot Socks in Foxy Lady Cherry Tree Hill; Stacked Eyelet Cowl in Shrinking Violet Socks that Rock; Evie in Deep Rowan Soft 4 ply.

Dont the yarns look pretty? Shouldnt that, plus the fact that all of these projects are ridiculously close to being finished, inspire me?

Apart from an inspiration deficit, I'm also being delayed by having to take it easy on knitting at the moment. My elbows, wrists and hands are sore from the joint softening hormones that are still floating around in my body. This is exacerabted by lugging around the 6.5 kilo Mr Wriggly. So, its very limited knitting for me for a while. Its killing me!


Rose Red said...

Hanami will be so fantastic in ebony sea silk! Please finish soon and flash to us!

(and also, bummer about the no-knitting - hope that situation improves for you soon!)

Bells said...

Gosh you do love your high end yarns, don't you?! Wow. Lovely.

Softening hormones? Affecting knitting? Oh God help me!

Madge said...

So so so pretty. Take care of your joints (and the rest of you, too, of course) so you can finish these lovelies soon.

*smoochies* to make you feel better