Monday, August 18, 2008

Ta da!

And here it is [making flourishing gesture with hands a la game show hostess displaying prizes] - Flourish.

I think the hours of beading really paid off. Trust me, there are about 800 tiny shiny beads of the palest pink worked into the edging of the scarf.

To sum up - the Kidsilk Haze is lovely to work with despite being hairy; Flourish is light yet feels like it will be warm enough to fend off the early spring chill; and it is gorgeous enough to glam up the outfit that I can fit into, thus making it wedding-worthy. Thats a triple thumbs up from me!


Rose Red said...

hee hee - love the game show hostess handy flourishy things!

And you know, I never notice beading in things and then when it is mentioned I wonder how I missed them - lovely finishing touch!

(and I like your ceiling rose in the background too!)

Madge said...

Triple thumbs up from me, too! Love it.

Bells said...

Beautiful! It'll be gorgeous to wear to the wedding!

Beading! That much? Wow. I bow down.