Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Educating Mr Wriggly and a squid for Bosco Johnston

It occurred to me the other day that nearly every baby I know is a boy. For example, of the 15 babies at mother's group, only four are girls. Taking this personal observation and broadening it in the most unscientific way I can only conclude that 2008 is year of the boy, and hence Sydney's man drought is being solved even if it will take 20 or so years. This is a heavy burden. Mr Wriggly needs to be sensitive, thoughtful, manly and know which is the business end of a mop. To this end I've been demonstrating the use of many household cleaning implements to him and carefully explaining the link between men, housework and happy marital relations. The washing up scrubber is a favourite which can only bode well for the future.

Mr Wriggly has made some new friends, boys natch. He, Karl Marx and Leo Trotsky-Tolstoy (well what did you expect with all that fight the power saluting going on?) have all been hanging in the local park indulging in pants-free-kicking-time. Exhibit one - a bottomless photo.

In keeping with 2008 being Year of the Boy, Mr Wriggly is awaiting news of the birth of his friend Bosco Johnston. I've been making a present for Bosco, something every boy needs, a giant squid of course. Here are a couple of progress shots. Its touch and go who is going to arrive first - squiddy or Bosco.

Just heard - Bosco has landed! Congrats Simon and Mel!

Edited to add Bosco's Giant Squid.


Lara said...

Squid = awesome toy for new baby. Inigo adores his, I only wish I had made two for him so it could be his comfort object!

Rose Red said...

Love the t-shirt!! And squiddly is very cool! Not sure I'd have the patience for it myself!

Madge said...

There's THE shirt. Yay! L is killing me with his round baby belly and his emo face...so cute.

Bosco's giant squid could be a band name. Heh. You rock the baby gifts, ma'am.