Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been nominated!

Disco Knitter has nominated me for one of these:

She actually did it a while ago, but I have only just (touch wood and any other available lucky object) emerged from a three week round of getting up hourly to every two hours as Lloyd has been having such noisy REM sleep its been waking me up. We are talking sleep screeching here. Yup screeching while sleeping. I cant imagine what sort of dreams the poor boy is having.

So without further ado, here are my nominations:

Knitdevil - what's not to love? Music, cool craft and 'tude. Also her hilarious blog comments and invaluable advice about blocking and the trickiness of gauge. Love ya Madge!

Bells - probably her billionth nomination. I love her honesty, flower photos and prodigious knitting output. And Southern Summer of Socks

Rose Red - also probably her billionth nomination. Shoes, fabulousness and knitting. And also Southern Summer of Socks.

Random Knits - another billionth. Love her friendliness, encouragement, fantastic range of knitting and her bunny.

Kgirlknits - combining The Pixies, The Breeders, Bowie and knitting. And roller derby! Heaven!

Knitting on the Chaise Lounge - cool, arcane and with a picture of Paul Newman looking totally gorgeous.

And finally, a new blog discovery Not Drowning, Mothering. How can you not love a blog that uses such immortal phrases as "but of course, no amount of praline will stop your arse from itching" and reveal the sneaking schadenfreude of your coolest friends announcing the impending arrival of a sprog. Makes me laugh loudly enough to wake Lloyd every time. And in finding those highlights, I've just managed to wake my boy up.


Bells said...

thanks for that! So kind!

I followed some of those links....loved the one about the cool people wearing black who became parents. Very good.

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Only my second! But what awesome company :)

Madge said...

I'm not worthy. Thanks! And right back atcha.

Hope you and the l'il guy get some sleep soon. (I bet he's fighting Darth Vader in those dreams. Hee.)

Rose Red said...

aw shucks, thanks! Always cool to check out new blog links too! Hope you are getting some more sleep...