Monday, October 13, 2008

Stash enhancement

A rainy day, a sleepy baby and new stash enhancements! Heaven!

Hot from the mailman this morning, Sundara Sock Cerulean Seas and

Sundara Sock Deadly Nightshade.

They are joining their other stables mates, Sundara Silk Lace Granite Falls and Sundara Sock Midnight Meadows.

I cant wait to use these babies!


Rose Red said...

Envy (1,000,000)!

Bells said...

Ooh err. A bit of yarn p*rn. I like! That green one is fabulous.

Charisse said...

yay! My deadly nightshade is waiting for me at Newtown Post Office wooo!
what are you planning to make with Midnight Meadows? I was thinking Vinnland but am having second thoughts...

Madge said...


Deadly Nightshade, oh my. And Midnight Meadows, too.