Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ta dah! Another pair of socks. I am on fire!

These are Blackrose Socks from the winter edition of Knitty in Midnight Meadows Sundara sock yarn. I love this yarn, but it nearly had me beat. The varegiation in the dye is quite subtle and I wanted a pattern that would show it to its best advantage. I cast on a number of socks in this yarn which were frogged - Leyburns, Paul Attwell Socks and Charade, twice. Then I chanced on the Blackrose pattern. It is lovely! Just enough lace to be interesting, yet an ideal television viewing sock. However I did get slightly more than I bargained for when whipping up the left sock. I thought my stitch marker had disappeared, and then I found it knitted into the ankle of the sock. Alas, the marker had to be snipped.

And here is Mr Wriggly showing his latest wip - two bottom incisors!


Bells said...

Love the toothy smile!

I adore those socks. They're just gorgeous. The stitch marker is too funny. I've done it but generally noticed before I got more than a couple of rows away.

Rose Red said...

woops!! I've done the stitch marker thing too (d'oh!). That pattern is perfect for the yarn, it looks fantastic!

And look at Mr W - isn't he growing up!

Madge said...

Yep. On fire you are.

That Mr. Wriggly is a toothsome devil, ain't he? Argh.