Sunday, January 4, 2009

The truth about my Christmas crafting

I took two projects to Perth for Christmas crafting. After rekindling my love of socks and following on from the success of the Leyburn experiement, I immediately cast on two other slip stitch based sock projects: the Paul Atwell socks and Charade socks. However in a moment of supreme foolishness I didnt pack them to go to Perth. Instead I packed a coat I am knitting for Lloyd and the hexagon blanket I am making for my friend Suzy.

I doubted my choice the moment I packed them. Lloyd's jacket needs to be frogged as I misread the pattern. When I discovered my mistake, I thought I could bodgie up the shoulder seam to cover up the extra stitches. Suitably enough I was watching Richard III (as played by Laurence Olivier) when making this decision, and the resulting lumpiness will turn my son into a hunchback. Because of the construction of the jacket, I have to frog the neckband and a large chunk of the right front. The fact that its a baby jacket and therefore a small amount of knitting is not consoling me, I'm just not enjoying the project. I think it needs to hide out in my knitting bag until the weather gets a little cooler.

You'd think the hexagon blanket would be a plain sailing, fun project. I like the pattern, especially the bit where the hexagons are crocheted together so there is almost no seaming required. I'm making it in koigu that I bought ages ago, and I know my friend will the like the colours. The problem here is that I dont. Its too pastel for me, and I chose two colours that are quite similar and cant be placed next to each other. I think this one also needs to hide out for a while, and possibly be completely rethought. See my problem?

Still, now I'm home and back with my beloved socks. And a fab new dvd - Green Wing. I am planing on adopting some of Sue White's management techniques on my return to work later in the year. Actually Green Wing isnt helping the knitting cause, as its so funny I laugh too much and lose my way. Luckily I've got some old eps of Miss Marple!


Rose Red said...

Isn't Miss Marple great to knit along with? Although it's never clear to me exactly what she is knitting!

You know, I can't see the problem with the hex blanket! Is it the lilac colour and the pale green that's bothering you? It looks pretty good to me, I have to say!

Charisse said...

I don't have any socks on the needles right now and I'm starting to go mad.
Green Wing sounds intriguing - plus anything with Fran from Black Books in it is good enough for me :)

Madge said...

Here's hoping you get these baddies whipped back into shape, 'coz they really are great patterns.

*whispered* I like the hex blanket colors. The color contrast is subtle, but it totally works. I know, I know, you just want to be knitting...socks!