Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was going to wait

I was going to wait until Middle Sister emailed me the photos, but I just cant. My Mum lives down the far south coast of NSW, and has been hoarding some of my knits to enter into the Pambula Show. She was holding off especially (and in the case of the Jay Walkers and Embossed Leaves socks three years) until the 100th Pambula Show. That was meant to be last year, but the equine flu epidemic lead to it being postponed.

So Mum entered four items of mine in the show: the first ever pair of socks I made, Jay Walkers natch,; a pair of Embossed Leaves socks in lucious cashmere sock yarn from The Knittery; Evie the Kim Hargreaves cardigan and Aunty Norma's Elm Row in Sundara Silky Fingering Merino.

And I cleaned up! Two firsts, a second and a highly commended. In my suprise I had to check with Mum that other people had entered. They had.

The prize winners were the Embossed Leaves Socks (no photo alas)for a wool item and Aunty Norma's Elm Row for a wool mix item.

Evie took a second for best knitted piece of apparel.

And the Jay Walkers took a highly commended, which I thought was rather generous given they were made during my pre-Kitchener, sew it all up anyhow phase.


Donna (Random Knits) said...

Woohoo!! Way to go :)

Madge said...

Right on! Congrats on all your ribbons! (You do get ribbons, right? Like a state fair in the US?) Can I say I knew ya when?

That Elm Row IS pretty.

Rose Red said...

Congratulations!! Aren't mums funny - my mum entered a crochet doily in my home town show last year (without telling me!) - I got second prize!! apparently the piece that won got first because it was bigger than mine!!! heh! You knitting rock star! Are you putting anything in the Royal? Because clearly you should!!

Bells said...

You rock! Well done!

Lara said...