Sunday, April 27, 2008

Babette, coming together segement by segement

Meanwhile, frenetic Babette action has carried on. Have managed to drag myself away from crocheting to quickly update you.

So far I have discovered that while it seem like scaling new heights in pendantry, it is worthwhile blocking granny squares. This is especially the case for me as my tension has changed from the beginning squares, where it was quite loose, to the later squares where it has become firmer and much squarer.

Seaming by sections is the way to go, otherwise the task of assembling the squares according to the key would assume the scaling of decoding the Rosetta stone.

Finally, heres a shot of the dining room table. Yup - its chaos. But laying out the work in progress seems to be fuelling the crochet fires. You can also see crocheting necessities - dried cranberries, the spray gun, a talking book (An Accidental American), and some evidence of the Squeeze doing boy-craft - the gaffer tape and drill belong to him.


Madge said...

A family that crafts together stays together. Heh heh.

You're a crochetin' dynamo, woman. (Don't you love how fast crochet goes?) Babette is coming together nicely; great bright colors. You'll be done in no time...and have a wonderful blanket for all three of you to snuggle under through the coming months. :)

Rose Red said...

Loving your Babette. Might crack and make one for myself...must be strong!

Bells said...

Go babette! Do you think it'll be done before the Wriggler arrives?