Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Babette update

Oh Babette - I've beeen thinking about you when I wake up in the middle of the night (its much better to think about than work, which seems to be more demanding the closer my last day gets. Three weeks this week! Hurrah!). I've been crocheting in places I'm usually too inhibited to knit - doctors waiting rooms, the bus. Its such a treat watching the colours come together. Heres a little look at how she's coming along.

I'm thinking I'll contruct this segment by segment to avoid an enormous amount of blocking followed by an enormous amount of seaming. Anyone got any tips on sewing this one up?


Bells said...

Oh it's fabulous. As soon as you posted it last time, I went off to Ravelry and looked at all of them. It's so on my list!

As for avoiding bucketloads of seaming, I would too! Not sure how though

Rose Red said...

Good idea to seam each segment as you go. I don't know about tips though, I'd probably whipstitch it so the seams are fairly flat, and I'd probably use the same colour for all the seams - that makes it a feature then? (maybe you could use a different colour for the seams on each segment??)