Sunday, April 27, 2008

A post with no pics

I had an ultrasound last week and was intending to post an ultrasound photo of the Wriggler. However the Wriggler proved to be its father's child and turned its back on the camera. It truely is a child of mystery, we couldnt see anything other than the back of its head, its back and its bottom. However we could see one, tantilising thing. The Wriggler has hair! No, not Austen Powers style body hair, although this would be in keeping with its air of mystery. Whispy, fine baby hair on its head! I suspect in this, the poor baby will take after me. Ultra-fine, ultra-straight hair, the scourge of hairdressers the world over.


Madge said...

Aww, the Wriggler's shy. What a sweet post.

Bells said...

Aww...but it must have been lovely to see him/her? How exciting!