Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When you're on a good thing....

stick to it! This week I've managed to whip out nearly two pairs of Evangalines for two very dear friends who live in the Blue Mountains.

Both sets of gloves are made from Noro Silk Garden, and while the colourways do tend to drown out the cable pattern, I think the gorgeous colour gradation makes up for this. The longer, pink 'n' purple gloves took just over one ball. I think if I cut back a couple of rows on the wrist band and finger band I wouldnt have needed the extra metre or so of yarn that went into the dark purple thumb band. The shorter greeny-mauvey-purplely gloves will take just under one ball. I used a stretchy long tail cast-on for both pairs, which also soaked up that little bit extra yarn.

Other things to love about Noro - the occasional burr left in the yarn even after processing, the scratchiness that even the silk doesnt temper, and Noro's signature - the big fat knot in the middle of the ball that introduces a completely new colour.

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Madge said...

Great Evangelines!

Ah, that knot in the middle of the's nice to know there are some things that remain constant in life, isn't it?

Okay, I'll cool it with the sarcasm. But why is there always one? It's like they plan it or something. Weird.