Sunday, May 25, 2008

Conversation with a friend's three year old

Went to a friend's bbq last night and had a most entertaining conversation with her three year old, Tom. It went like this:

Tom: You are _very_ fat.
Me: That's because I'm about to have a baby.
Tom: How many babies?
Me: Just one.
Tom: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Tom: Is it dead? [Tom's mother mouthing 'Sorry']
Me: No, I can feel it moving.
Tom: How will it come out?
Me: Through my vagina.
Tom: Can I have a look? [Tom's mother puts head in hands]
Me: Not right now, because the baby isn't coming out yet.
Tom: Ok. Would you like my sausage? [Holding out pre-munched sausage sandwich]


Bells said...

Oh God. 3 year olds are astounding, aren't they?

Rose Red said...

Heee! Something to look forward to!! At least you could say no thanks to the pre-munched sausage sandwich. When it's your child, you just have to take it!! But you have to love them don't you.