Monday, May 26, 2008


Oh Gust. I wanted you to look like a breath of wind on the ocean, and neither your pattern or your yarn disappointed me.

This is for a special person's special birthday in the next couple of months. I thought I should seize the uninterrupted craft window that I currently have and try and get a couple of winter birthday presents out of the way.

Specs: Gust - by Anne Hanson. Is there anything this woman cant design? Yarn - Sundara Seasons silk lace in cornflower. Is there anything this woman cant dye? No mods - although on reflection I probably would add a couple more pattern repeats for a little extra length.


Rose Red said...

Oh that is gorgeous! Anne H does do gorgeous lace doesn't she. You really are cranking out the FO's!

Bells said...

that is spectacular!! So delicate.

Madge said...

Wow, I go on vacation, and when I come back see that you're all sorts of busy. Gorgeous FOs! Gust is a breath of fresh air (how corny is that?! sorry, couldn't resist). Absolutely lovely. And your Babette ROCKS. Righteous crochet work.

Counting down now...wishing you an easy birthing of the Wriggler. Hanso Lowe. Hahaha. Snort.

P.S. All your Sundara yarn has sent me into a yarn coma. Please send some silk lace weight soon. And chocolate.